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So you want to get a body like Shakira?

Great stuff! Well it isn't going to be easy because you know Shakira put a lot of work into it. So first as always lets look at the stats.

Shakira stats

Sex: f
Dob: 02/02/1977
Height: 5"2'
Weight: 106lbs
Bodytype: Latin Dancer

As a woman of Colombian and Lebanese descent, Shakira was blessed not only with an exotic beauty and enchanting voice, she was also blessed with the sense to recognize the importance of being a healthy, full-figured woman. You’ll be glad to know that no magic pill/potions or fad diets help her look stunning every time she performs. Her rear view -- even underneath her clothes -- is one of the defining showpieces of her slim yet curvy figure. Wherever, Whenever you see Shakira perform, you're guaranteed to see some booty with her belly dancing style.

After trying several diet alterations Shakira realized that absurd diet restrictions would not be able to be maintained long-term. She claims to eat in a balanced way—never over-eating or starving herself. However she is a vegetarian and so as a result doesn’t take in a lot of excessive fatty foods.

Shakira freely admits she’s not too good about regularly exercising with her physical trainer when she’s not actively promoting new material. Therefore she recommends finding ways to workout that don’t seem like a workout whenever and wherever you are—like say, for example, dancing! Now those hips don’t lie! Her signature shimmy-and-shake dance moves help tone and tighten her butt to perfection.

You can sculpt a definitely-there derriere with moves like the Step Back Butt Boost. Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps, 2 to 3 days a week.
(A) Stand with your feet hip width apart and your hands on your hips. (B) Step your right leg back about a stride's length behind you and bend both knees until your right leg is parallel to the floor and your left leg is perpendicular to it. Hold a moment and stand back up to the start. Alternate legs to complete reps.

If you can’t dance you’ll need to find other aerobic ways to tone up and burn energy. Whatever you choose you’ll need to really work up a sweat to see results so make sure you drink plenty of water. Sports are ideal for this rather than gyms as nothing Shakira does is designed to work the specific muscle groups, helping her retain a natural look.

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