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So you want to get a body like Matthew Mcconaughey?

Great stuff! Well it isn't going to be easy because you know Matthew Mcconaughey put a lot of work into it. So first as always lets look at the stats.

Matthew Mcconaughey stats

Sex: m
Dob: 04/11/69
Height: 5"11'
Weight: 180lbs 90KG
Bodytype: Surfer

Anyone who’s picked up a magazine in the last few years will have unquestionably marveled at Matthew Mcconaughey’s chiseled torso, frolicking on a beach or running through a mountain range. His easy going nature and active lifestyle makes us realize how much fun getting in shape is for him and can potentially be for you too!

Unbeleivably Matthew Mcconaughey hasn’t been to the gym in years! His physique is the result of his active lifestyle. Mcconaughey runs everyday and can often be seen striding the beachfront of Malibu, with nothing but sneakers, shorts and his I-pod. Aside from this Mcconaughey is somewhat of an adventurer and rides, bikes, swims, surfs and climbs in his spare time. He also practices yoga to increase flexibility and tone his lean lmuscles. His abs are the result of the Core secrets workout pioneers by his one-time personal trainer Gunnar Peterson ( The Core-Secrets diet uses a fitness ball to work all of your muscle groups together in a series of easy to perform exercise in around only 25 minutes a day.

The low carbohydrate diet is similar to the Atkins diet, although a strict two-week induction period is not always followed. The diet consists of meats, cheeses, fats, and some leafy green vegetables keeping all carbohydrates to a minimum, and avoiding sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables. Low carb followers claim to eat as much as they want of the allowed foods and still lose weight, or maintain their ideal weight. Many low carb dieters see it as a lifestyle.

Time and the Weather!

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