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So you want to get a body like Heidi Klum?

Great stuff! Well it isn't going to be easy because you know Heidi Klum put a lot of work into it. So first as always lets look at the stats.

Heidi Klum stats

Sex: f
Dob: 10/06/1973
Height: 5"9
Weight: 54KGS 112lbs
Bodytype: Lingerie Model

Heidi Klum’s Diet and Exercise keeps this Super Model in runway shape all the time. Heidi actually does workout and she does eat! Heidi is one of the most famous “Victoria’s Secret Models” ever to don silk. She is envied for her womanly curves and how quickly she bounced back into perfect form after having her children. What is her secret to looking so great? Keep reading to find out

Klum keeps trim and toned with stretches and light weights. typically follow this routine to achieve a shape that would make every woman jealous.

• 2 minutes Light stretching, including Good Mornings and Good Mornings with Knee Bends.
• 1 minute Jumping Jacks, 30 seconds David’s Platypus Walks.
• 1 minute Shadowboxing with Crossovers.
• Uppercuts and Knee Bends.
• 1 minute Plie Squats with Calf Raises.
• 2 minutes Reverse Lunges.
• 1 minute Squat Thrusts.
• 1 minute Scissors Reverse Crunches.
• 2 minutes David’s Donkey Deluxe.
• 1 minute Bench Stepups
• 1 minute Pushups.

This routine is run through once with very light weights or no weight at all. Then take a 2 or 3 minute rest and then run through the routine again. Then repeat the whole sequence 2 to 4 times more with ankle weights and dumbbells. The entire program should last 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Heidi Klum follows David Kirsch’s diet plan, which is low calorie, and low carbohydrate. For his diet Kirsch (a respected authority on health and fitness with over 15 years experience) has a philosophy he calls the “ABCDEF” diet, which is a acronym for the foods that you should avoid while on this diet - alcohol, bread, starchy carbs, dairy, extra sweets, fruits, and most fats.

Look at her girls! this is clearly not going to be easy! Heidi has the kind of natural curves and skinny frame that most women can only dream of. Genetically she's blessed with exquisite bone structre and a feminine shape, some of you wil never, no matter how hard you work, achieve what Heidi has, but follow the steps above and you'll certainly achieve a body that gets the town talking and looks great in any garment from Victoria's Secret,

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