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So you want to get a body like David Beckham?

Great stuff! Well it isn't going to be easy because you know David Beckham put a lot of work into it. So first as always lets look at the stats.

David Beckham stats

Sex: m
Dob: 02/05/75
Height: 5"11'
Weight: 165lbs 75KG
Bodytype: Model

As well as having the most recognized face is soccer David Beckham regularly lends his washboard abs and chiseled pecs to advertisers such as Police, Adidas, Pepsi and Gilette. Beckhams shape is much lauded after by fashion conoscenti as he retains the poise of a regular guy in clothes, but still makes girls swoon and guys jealous at the beach.

Before attempting World Cup footballer's workouts even modestly we should focus first on "pre-hab." That includes dropping a few kilos from the butt, thighs, belly and other areas where you store your, energy.This is to help prevent over-stressing your joints, and to nurture new habits, like stretching with every workout. You'll also need a solid base of cardio fitness -- meaning you can run for 30 minutes or so without keeling over -- to be ready to roll. (Now's a good time to check in with your doc, too.). The following workout highlights al of the key areas youíll need to work on to get into Beckham shape. Youíll need to work on your speed, strength, core and agility to strip fat from your body and put you in peak athletic performance.

Speed - You want to get your heart rate up to 80 to 85 percent of maximum, keep it there for 30 to 60 seconds, then back down for a minute or so. Repeat that 10 to 20 times. (No heart rate monitor? Just alternate sprints of different lengths with jogs.) Gradually increase interval time, then boost the number of intervals. "This gives you the ability [like soccer players] to exert hard, then recover, then exert again. This type of (brutal) training burns more fat and boosts stamina more than keeping a steady pace.
For those pursuing this advanced state of fitness, take about three interval days per week, augmented by two days of easier runs of 25 to 50 minutes.

Strength - For sinewy strength without that post-spinach Popeye look, do single-set strength training sessions, targeting each muscle group with 10 to 15 reps (to near failure). GO SLOW! Three seconds up, pause, four seconds down to increase strength and tone up rather than build unwanted muscle mass. Single sets are less likely to produce bulk than multi-set pump-ups. Choose 10 to 14 exercises targeting different muscle groups to spread the strength body-wide. Mix up the order to keep your body from getting used to the routine.

Core - Resist nouveau-cool tricks -- standing on a bosu ball on one leg while juggling three dumbbells, say -- and focus on heavy-duty abdominal and lower-back exercises, like crunches, planks, back extensions and other similar unpleasantries.

Agility - Embrace the basics of sports training: side shuffles, crossovers (left foot over right for 10 yards, then reverse) and cone-weaving runs. Troublesome joints? Proceed with care to avoid pulls and strains. If you perform these workouts studiously -- and, of course, cultivate the all-important Sweaty Euro-Curl hairdo, we'll all be in great shape for World Cup 2010!

Obviously for a look as slight, yet strong as Beckham youíve got to watch what you eat. Not only for appearance but also to guarantee you work at peak performance. Typically Beckham eats a low carbohydrate diet. He drinks lots of water, but stays away from sugar and diet drinks. Follow the tips below to covet his signature lean athletic look.

Don't cut out all fat - Stick to Mediterranean-style fats like olive oil, fish, nuts and avocado. These will lower your cholesterol and protect your joints without promoting heart disease or cancer.

Cut out excess carbs - This means no full-sugar fizzy drinks, even the diet versions as these drinks can cause bloating and water retention.

Calci-yummy - Cut out full-fat dairy products and instead use low/non-fat products that are high in calcium. Research has shown that people who included non fat calcium sources in their diet lost more weight than their calcium free counterparts.

Get drinking! - No, not the six pack of Stella - get drinking water. It's great for flushing the toxins out of your system and can also help you burn extra fat. Weight loss experts believe that drinking only one ounce of water is effective for fat burning - but try and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day, it can only do you good.

Reduce starch - Many people over eat carbohydrates. Try and cut your usual portions of rice, pasta and potatoes by half. In their place have a cupful of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or green beans. While a cup of white rice contains 240 calories, a cup of steamed veg has only 50 - make sense really!

Pump up the protein - It's important to increase your protein by an extra 20 per cent, if you are planning on reducing your total calories. It will maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism at a high gear.


creatine may be well-known for being used to pump up muscles but it can also help burn calories - as many as 100 a day. Try taking five grams a day after your workout for at least six weeks and see the results.

As with all athletes who push their bodies into peak condition the threat of injury always looms. Ensure you always stretch and prepare thoroughly to avoid strains and after effects. If youíre training to take part in athletic events then itís important that you warm up and down before and after each bout of exercise to limit the threat of muscle or ligament damage. This physique can be the most fun to get as you can mould it to include team activities such as 5 a side or Sunday league matches all the way to casual bouts of exercise with a close group of friends.

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