Aeris Lifetyle
Your guide to getting the body of a celebrity.

Male Celebrities

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Daniel Craig
Brad Pitt (fight Club)
Brad Pitt (troy)
David Beckham
Will Smith
Matthew Mcconaughey

Female Celebrities

Beyonce Knowles
Jessica Alba
Halle Berry
Heidi Klum
Jesicca Simpson
Kylie Minogue
Rebecca Romijn

Welcome to Aeris Lifestyle fitness, we try to offer an all natural way of improving your fitness with a mixture of hard work and dedication.

To get started we have put together a list of some of the most desirable celebrity bodies and for each one we have a detailed guide on how they achieved their look. So just choose the body you would like from the list on the left. .

Getting the body you want is not an overnight thing and can take months and years of dedication. Some of the diet plans are drastic which reflects the length of time that the celebrity spent to get the body ready for a film role. We do not recommend in any way that someone take such a crash course and all of the routines we describe should be introduced slowly under the guidance of your doctor. .

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